Overcome complexity, get to market quicker

Using Freesense Digital Bioreactor™ enables you to make data based process decisions in minutes. Our advanced software simulations backed by flow-following sensor device data, reduces complexity and results in significantly reduced innovation cycle time from laboratory to production scale.

Actionable Insights



Do you want to know your oxygen distribution or locate dead zones in your bioreactor? Freesense Digital Bioreactor™ will help you unlock the full potential of your fermentation process with data backed insights – enabling you to take informed optimization decisions.

Create a data-based Digital Twin of your fermentation process in minutes, not months



Use Freesense Digital Bioreactor™ to build an advanced simulation model of your fermentation process in an intuitive and structured way, helping you find the most optimal conditions and reactor design to run your process.

Take the guesswork out of scaling



Scaling biological processes is complex, Freesense Digital Bioreactor™ helps you accelerate process upscaling with superior data and analysis, reducing the need for pilot and industrial trials.

Achieve operational excellence



Achieve optimal process outcomes, Freesense Digital Bioreactor™ can help you increase productivity and better utilization of your production capacity through better and more predictable fermentation outcomes.

How it works


Data acquisition


Unique flow and inhomogeneity data can be acquired using Freesense sensor devices and then compared to existing inline sensors, CFD models or historical process data.


Build a Digital Twin


Using Freesense Digital Bioreactor ™ and our data science team, we can help you build a digital twin of your fermentation process that you can continually build on.




The digital process model gives you powerful actionable insights to optimize your process including mixing performance, harvest timing, dosing location and much more.

  • What our customers have to say



    The work we have done with Freesense have resulted in multi-million-dollar (USD) savings to our variable manufacturing cost, and a new understanding of how to optimize our production.


    James Zahn Ph.D.

    Vice president Technology