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A wireless sensor particle designed for bioreactors

We have together with DTU and BIOPRO partners developed a wireless sensor particle designed for the bio-industry.

The sensor particle is designed to be an integral part of the production process in bioreactors. 

Both the sensors and the electronics have been designed and tested specifically for the harsh production environment during the fermentation process.   

The freesense sensor particle can:

- Help understand scale up processes better

- Optimise the production processes, increasing yields

- Monitor and ensure quality of the final product

Wireless particles with cutting edge sensor technology

We have combined customised, advanced electronics with cutting edge sensor technology and packed it all into a small wireless sensor particle. 

This way we can measure critical liquid analytical production parameters such as pressure, temperature, and pH in real time, during production cycles.

Combining the measurements with our unique positioning technology and wireless communication system enables our customers to view in real time, information on the critical production parameters.

What we do

We give our customers the tools necessary to wirelessly monitor, in real time, the critical production parameters for successful fermentation.

This new information will enable better understanding of what is happening behind the hatch of your bioreactors and allow you to optimise your production accordingly.

Our goal is to give our customers new information about their fermentation production as conveniently as possible. This means that we have developed our sensors so that they can be integrated into your production processes without any modification to your existing production systems and procedures. 

The freesense sensor particles are manufactured to meet GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

How we do it

By simply adding the freesense sensor particles to your bioreactor before each production run, you will be able to get instant, live data showing you the critical liquid analytical production parameters at different points within the bioreactor.

The freesense sensor particles combined with our state of the art data capturing solution lets you wirelessly monitor the data from within the bioreactor in real time directly linked to your existing production system. 

The data can be used to adjust and optimise production through for example more efficient stirring, or  feeding control of the production process.

Our state of the art hardware and software, together with a unique positioning algorithm gives you the opportunity to wirelessly measure, in real time, the critical liquid analytical production parameters at every point in a bioreactor giving you unique insight into what is happening at every point in the bioreactor during the production process.

Why we do it

Knowledge of exactly what happens within bioreactors is very limited today. We believe that this knowledge can be extremely valuable for companies using fermentation in their production processes, which is exactly why we developed the freesense sensor particles.

These plug and play sensor particles allow you to wirelessly monitor what is happening within your bioreactors, giving you convenient access to key production data at any point in time . 

Understanding this information gives you the ability to not only optimise your production processes accordingly, but also helps your company achieve better results through more streamlined production.

Technical Information

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How it works

Scientific Information

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Real time monitoring of cells in industrial bioreactors

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